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Hong KongTVmedia FantasticTV × EmotionRise Flashmob

From a famous and popular TV program in Hong Kong "Fantastic TV."  This time our amazing target was a big actress in Hong Kong, CHRISTINE ENG!!
She was visiting Tokyo Japan and shooting several touristic places for 1 week as an interviewer.
For very end of the shooting, she was visiting to interview this restaurant in Tokyo "HUB" which is one of the most casual restaurant in Japan.
When she was having final meeting for the shooting, all the lights suddenly goes out......when the lights came back, one girl was standing in front of Christine.
Who is she ......??
She is ......a Japanese famous singer AZUSA WATARI!!!! What was happpening!?!?!?
Song by Azusa Watari - Wedding day 
To watch full movie  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AjLsRyYCsU&t=312s


All the way from Australia to Japan to made a wedding proposal.

Born and raised in Korea, now lives in Australia, this young gentle man fell in love with this beautiful Japanese girl. They foster their relationships and the love even though they are in long distance and can not spend a lot of time together. He decided to come Japan to ask her to marry him and live together at this time. What is her answer? Are they going to continue their love??

To watch full movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVkyINHaupM&t=72s